A Powerful cleaner for ceramic tiled floors and walls. Tiles cleaner is design for removal of cement film residues, efflorescence and most oxide stains. Note: Do not use on surface that are not resistant to acid such as marble / terrazzo

Available Packs 


Packaging Type 

Plastic Bottle 


Fast Acting 

Easy to Apply Removes Cement Film 

Removes Residues, Efflorescence 

and most Oxide Stains

Recommended Usage

1. Dilute to the correct ratio as required: Light cleaning on glazed and unglazed tiles (all types of tiles) Use 1 part tile cleaner to 4 part clean water. Heavily soiled areas may require an undiluted solution to be applied. Note: Always test initially on, a small inconspicious area, dilution may be increased or decreased as per nature of substrate
2. Liberally apply the solution to the floor area to be cleaned. Leave in contact with the area approx. 1-2 minutes. Using a stiff bristled brush or a scouring pad, throughly scrub the area treated with the solution.
3. Mop up the solution and rinse well with water up to 3-4 times until all traces of the solution
have bee removed
4. Immediately clean an accidental spillage by washing throughly with plenty of water.

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